About Hendrick

About Hendrick He is currently a learner of Affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate university in online marketing business. He has been there for about three months now.  Place Of Residence  He was born and raised in Zeerust, North West province, South Africa. He moved to the Pretoria city back in the year 2011, and still staying there to … Read more

Bathroom Refurbishment Ideas

Planning To Refurbish A Bathroom  The home refurbishment culture makes it seem like a bathroom remodeling is too expensive and  everything will always be demolished to start over. To resist that temptation is the first step  of deflating the costs and bringing them down to earth.  Low-cost Lookalike Materials  Retaining and refurbishing your existing materials … Read more

Refurbishments and new things

At Radical Refurb; Generally, prior to resale, an item is checked by the retailer or manufacturer for  fuctionality and minor fixes and adjustments may be made. Basicaly, all refurbished electronics are used – but not all electronics are refurbished. Just because an item was returned does not necessarily mean that it was damaged.  Like-new Condition:  Sellers of refurbished … Read more

Refurbished Products

Comfort And Assurance  When you purchase a refurbished product, you are getting a product that has been brought to the workshop, checked for defects and fixed by certified technician and given a warranty that is longer than the new item. That gives comfort and extra assurance making a purchase. Consumers get up to 15% discounts, which is a … Read more

Refurbishments: Technology,Buildings And Machinery.

Restore Remodel Refurbish  Manufactured products and building structures would wear and tear or even break down at a certain stage. The appearance of the building structure remodeled to give it a new look for market value and adherence to local building regulations. Machines would be repaired and restored to their original working condition with new or refurbished components. All … Read more

Refurbish taps and Mixers

Taps and Mixers  Single taps were used and mostly available many years ago before the introduction of mixers. There used to be stop taps for showers, pilar taps for different kinds of handwash basins and different kinds of bath tubs. Bib taps were also used for different kinds and  make of bath tubs and handwash basins.  Bib taps … Read more

Who We Are At [hsefawanyane.siterubix.com], we are committed to maintaining

Who We Are At [https://hsefawanyane.siterubix.com], we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that [https://hsefawanyane.siterubix.com ] is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes. In this Privacy Policy, … Read more


Welcome  Hello World, my name is Hendrick  Welcome to my site My Story I am a plumber by trade, i have been in building industry over 20 years doing both construction and maintenance  I have been doing it hands on I spend most of my spare time reseaching on technology and innovations I reserve 3 … Read more